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What are the benefits of direct booking?
16. 05. 2018.

Trends in tourism are changing. Sometimes tourist agencies were our only connection with the desired destination, but today it is possible to reserve your own accommodation and organize a trip to your own extent. However, our passengers are still uncertain when it comes to self-reserving travel. Therefore, we want to show you the benefits of […]

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The most beautiful spot in Kassandra, which you probably didn’t hear of
13. 03. 2018.

  On the west coast of Kassandra, oposit to the most popular resorts of Hanioti, Pefkochori, Polihrono … there is a quiet and less known place Lutra. Here you will not find squashed cafes, souvenir shops, car columns with tables from our area. Everything is kind of calm, small and a bit different than in […]

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A cafe in Kassandra where you would like to stop the time
13. 03. 2018.

  Somehow from whichever side we enter into Afytos, the road leads us directly to the rocks/cliffs, which contain taverns and our favorite place, Notos Cafe. We visited it also in December, and you cannot believe that even then it is really magical and not at all empty. We have the impression that everybody’s coming up […]

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You must try these Greek products – and you cannot find them elsewhere
12. 03. 2018.

  In order to avoid the trap of buying products that you do not need, we have tried a lot of them, some already well-known and traditional Greek products, and without some we are not going back home. Try at least some from our list, you will not make mistake, and you can always give […]

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Here you can find a list of the supermarkets with best prices in Halkidiki
09. 03. 2018.

Before reaching the final destination, or while staying in one of the summer resorts, a large number of tourists make their purchases at LIDL supermarkets every year, which valid for those with much more favorable prices in Greece. These objects are most often located at the beginning of each of the “fingers” of Halkidiki, so […]

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Have you been in one of the most beautiful taverns in Halkidiki?
07. 03. 2018.

  If you have spent summer holiday in Sithonia, in the Sikia area or even in the south of the peninsula, either east or west, and you did not visit the “5 steps in the sand” tavern, you made a big lapse. It is a place that belongs to the category ‘MUST SEE’. Here you […]

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Where to find quality and cheap things for children in Greece?
18. 02. 2018.

On our return from vacation, we definetely have to visit Jumbo store. Is it the same for you? That way, somehow, we have the impression that we are prolonging our stay in warm Greece and that we are delaying the return home (better said to everyday obligations). It is known as one of the largest […]

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What is the cost of a romantic cruise around the island of Diaporos?
26. 01. 2018.

  Cruising the island of Diaporos is something that should not be missed during your holiday in Halkidiki. It is the largest island in the archipelago of a total of 9 and it belongs to Sithonia. You can organize an excursion to the island by yourself by renting a boat from Vourvourou or via a […]

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Find out what is the secret of the Aegean Sea
10. 01. 2018.

Last year Greece was visited by 16 million tourists of which 600.000 from Serbia. The quality and prices of tourism services in Greece are very affordable for tourists from Serbia, and it is one of the main reasons for the great visit. First, those who travel by car overcome the trip of 700-900 or more […]

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Do you know what makes the Greek night so special?
28. 12. 2017.

  Now, something a bit different…Greek Night in Agios Nikolaos, Sithonia. The city itself is a traditional Greek village, with a cobblestone and a central square, small narrow streets. Here you can taste some of the delicacies of Greek cuisine, seasonal fruits and local desserts. Agios Nikolaos has no exit to the sea, but it […]

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