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Category: About Halkidiki

10 places to visit in Halkidiki (not beaches)
20. 02. 2020.

Halkidiki is a must-see destination for many, but this peninsula hides much more than fantastic beaches. Here are our suggestions on how to smartly complete your vacation and get to know the many sights and beauties of this rich region. 1. Aristotle’s Park At the northwest entrance to Stagira-Akantos, near the place of the Olympics […]

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The most beautiful beaches in Athos
19. 08. 2019.

Amouliani Amouliani is a small island, of only a few square kilometers, but known for its beautiful sandy beaches and good windless weather, which is not typical for the islands. Although inhabited, it is dominated by untouched nature. The town of Amouliani itself has no city beach, but everyone else is close by. Most beaches […]

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What to visit in Thessaloniki in one day?
23. 05. 2018.

Thessaloniki, one of the oldest cities in Europe, is a city of incredible charm that is always ready for tourists, and of course the inevitable station for those who fly to Greece, and especially to Halkidiki. One interesting fact is that this city was named after Alexander the Great’s sister, called Thessaloniki, as it is […]

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Even 85 beaches in Halkidiki have been awarded the Blue Flag
21. 05. 2018.

As in previous years, Greece with its beautiful beaches occupies a high second place in the competition organized by the Blue Flag program. The great part of Greece’s success in this prestigious recognition certainly belongs to Halkidiki, which with a large number of beaches contributes to this great success. Even 85 beaches in Halkidiki have […]

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How to prepare well for a summer vacation with small children?
19. 05. 2018.

The issue that becomes actual at the beginning of May and which is troubling many parents is how to find the easiest possible way of spending summer holiday if you have (small) children: at what time to take the route, which route to choose, where to fly, what to take with you and what to […]

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Sikia and a nearby unique maze of roads
19. 05. 2018.

  If you choose to spend your summer holiday in some of the accommodation in Sikia you will not be wrong. Near by Sikia there are some of the most beautiful beaches, located between Sarti and Kalamitsi. Sikia is a unique choice for visiting beautiful beaches on Sithonia, and it’s not to ignore the fact […]

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How to spend as little money on summer holiday?
18. 05. 2018.

This question may be in your mind for months before the holiday season. How to afford a holiday and not return home with an empty wallet? Be sure it’s possible to spend summer holiday with a smaller budget and enjoy every day. It first depends on the way and time of booking and budget planning. […]

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What are the benefits of direct booking?
16. 05. 2018.

Trends in tourism are changing. Sometimes tourist agencies were our only connection with the desired destination, but today it is possible to reserve your own accommodation and organize a trip to your own extent. However, our passengers are still uncertain when it comes to self-reserving travel. Therefore, we want to show you the benefits of […]

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The most beautiful spot in Kassandra, which you probably didn’t hear of
13. 03. 2018.

  On the west coast of Kassandra, oposit to the most popular resorts of Hanioti, Pefkochori, Polihrono … there is a quiet and less known place Lutra. Here you will not find squashed cafes, souvenir shops, car columns with tables from our area. Everything is kind of calm, small and a bit different than in […]

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A cafe in Kassandra where you would like to stop the time
13. 03. 2018.

  Somehow from whichever side we enter into Afytos, the road leads us directly to the rocks/cliffs, which contain taverns and our favorite place, Notos Cafe. We visited it also in December, and you cannot believe that even then it is really magical and not at all empty. We have the impression that everybody’s coming up […]

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