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Letohalkidiki.com is a website where you can directly book accommodation in Halkidiki, with no booking fees and where you can find lots of useful information about Halkidiki itself. The website provides many texts about tourist destinations, sights, beaches, descriptions of accommodation in Halkidiki, photo gallery and other contents that can help you choose your ideal summer vacation.

Letohalkidiki.com is not a tourist agency. We are a specialized site which enables you to directly connect with the accommodation owners, with no mediation of any tourist agencies or third parties.

You can book your accommodation by filling out the questionnaire on our website. A button “send request” is placed next to the selected accommodation, where mandatory fields marked with a star need to be filled in. Your request is then directly forwarded to the owner of the selected accommodation where in direct correspondence with him/her you stipulate all details pertaining to your stay, method of payment, and negotiate special requirements, if any.

The best way is to use „quick search“ on our home page. You can select accommodation according to location, type of accommodation, price per day and special facilities.

All prices on our website are quoted per room, unless specified otherwise. Type of service (only bed, bed and breakfast, half-board, all inclusive) is specified in the price, which of course varies according to the accommodation.

When sending query to accommodation owners, specify number of children and their age. Also, in the field “special requirements” you can state whether you need an extra bed / cot depending on the age of a child. This type of service is usually not additionally charged, but you need to check it as it depends on the conditions and policy of the selected accommodation.

All details about accommodation can be found in the description. If any information is left out, you can contact us or the owner directly and find out everything you want to know (is parking space provided, are pets allowed, where is the nearest health centre etc).

Special offers are offers made by accommodation owners and they refer to first minute and last minute offers, total of overnights granted for free and many other benefits. Keep your eyes on special offers and we are sure you will find something for yourself.

Booking accommodation through a website is a legally binding contract between you and the accommodation owner and in that sense the owner is obliged to make the selected accommodation available in designated period. The owner will leave the booked accommodation for you so you are obliged to inform him/her if you are not able to effect payment for any reason whatsoever.

It is important to know the following:

1. Find out which bank has the most favourable conditions for making downpayment to confirm reservation, since they differ in terms of commission.

2. Most accommodations, except those with more than 10 employees, are not registered as legal entities. Because of that, the payee is not a hotel, as a legal entity, but the accommodation (house/villa) owner, as a physical person.
3. When effecting payment, the most convenient way is to say that you are making payment to a physical person abroad, and state help as the purpose of payment. At the same time, your commission will be lower due to that.
4. When effecting payment, the bank will give you the so-called SWIFT. It is a code based on which your transaction can be identified. The best way is to keep the swift code, send it by mail or attach the scanned payment slip that you received in the bank.

5. After that you will get the final confirmation of your reservation. Please be patient, as banks take a couple of days to perform transactions.

6. In case you have not paid the entire sum in advance, you will pay the remaining amount to the owner on the first day of your arrival.
7.Mind that the stated price does not include services of a tourist guide.

Accommodation owners and property managers

All types of accommodation, such as hotels, villas, apartments, studios, bungalows, rooms, houses and camps can be advertised. This refers to all interested parties (owners, managers, mediators or agencies, tourist agencies) who wish to advertise on our website at favourable conditions.

Since we want to have a fruitful and long-lasting cooperation, we offer attractive advertising packages totalling from 50 € per annum, depending on the size of the accommodation, location, interest, needs and possibilities. For all detiled information about the offer, please contact us through contact details or e-mail: info@new.letohalkidiki.com.

All you need to do is to contact us with the request for advertising, via contact details or e-mail: info@new.letohalkidiki.com. After you submit the request for advertising and necessary data, you will be required to fill out the form, after which your accommodation will be immediately included in our offer.

Special offers are offers that you make, and they include first minute and last minute offers, total of overnights granted for free and many other benefits. You need to provide us with special and attractive offers in timely manner.

*General information about accommodation: name of the accommodation, location, address, type of accommodation (hotel/villa/apartment/studio/camp/bungalow)

*Contact details: address, telephone, e-mail, website

*Photographs (interior, exterior, accommodation, photographs of the town/village)

*Prices: per period, room/person, type of service

*Other useful information: geographic coordinates, description of the beach, distance from the centre/beach etc.