Olympiada is a gorgeous village that sits in Strimonikus bay, 95 km from Thessaloniki. A combination of an atmosphere of a village and modern amenities provides a complete torist offer and attracts visitors from all parts of Greece and the world. The Stagira village, the birthplace of a great philosopher Aristotle, is just 1 km away. Tradition says that Olympiada was named after the mother of Alexander the Great. Excavations in Stagira started in 1990, and discovered objects are now exhibited in the musem. The resort has a couple of hotels, taverns, cafes and a fast-food restaurant. It is framed by woody mountains and the sea with dazzling baches.

Olympiada beach: Beach in Olympiada is long, sandy, and never too crowded. It has been continuously awarded a blue flag for quality. Olympiada suits people with children since some 50 meters from the shore water is about 30-50 cm deep. A cape which hides several secluded beaches is located nearby.  

Olympiada offers a quiet vacation, clear sea, fishing, walking through the village tucked in lush vegetation and greenery. The beauties of nature and archaeological sites of great historical importance attract visitors who want to combine modern seaside activities with the tradition of visiting different historical sites. 

Yasoo Holiday Apartments
Olympiada, Athos, Halkidiki, Greece
Yasoo holiday apartments will provide you a very comfortable stay in the beautiful area of Olympiada, near the center of the village and just 150 meters from the sea. Apartments satisfy high standards, with special attention in small details created for those wanting to enjoy their holidays without...