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    Ammouliani island is the only inhabited island of Halkidiki, in an area of only 4,5 km2 and 120 km away from Thessaloniki. The island is connected to Tripiti harbor by ferryboat routes that last around 15 minutes. Price per person is around 2€ and around 10€ per car, and in summer ferryboats operate every half an hour. Once you reach the island take the road through the town, over the little hill to the other side of the island – the one facing Sithonia. You will come across big parking lot, a little lake and a beautiful big sandy beach where you can take a swim, relax and take a refreshing drink in a café. The island has 600 residents and they mostly engage in fishing and tourism. It belongs to the municipality of Stagira Akantus, an area where Aristotle was born. The island has several taverns and fish restaurants, sufficient accommodation, including several camping sites, bars, minimarkets and stores. It is a couple of kilometers long, and around 2 km wide.

    Ammouliani beach: Ammouliani island is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and good weather conditions with no wind, what is usually not characteristic for islands. Although inhabited, its nature is intact. Its beaches are real pearls. The place of Ammouliani does not have a town beach, but other beaches are close by. Each of them will charm you in its own way. Most of the beaches are sandy and reachable either on foot or by a local “taxi” – a donkey pulling a cart. One-way ticket price is 2€. You can take a boat trip to neighbouring islands Tigani and Pontiki, enjoy on the beaches and have lunch in some of the taverns.

    Beauties of the island, immaculately clean sea and heaven-like beaches, fantastic fish specialities and friendly locals attract more and more tourists each year to Ammouliani.

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      In Ammouliani, Halkidiki, it rises spectacularly overlooking Ouranoupolis and Athos peaks, in the “port” area of the lively coast of…

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