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Dionisiou Beach

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    Dionisiou Beach

    Dionisiou Beach is a small tourist place built in one of the most attractive parts of Halkidiki, 55 km away from Thessaloniki. Dionisiou Beach is excellently connected with Thessaloniki, where you can get to by taxi or coach. The closest town is Nea Moudania, only 3 km from Dionisiou Beach. The promenade is full of restaurants, cafes and taverns where you can enjoy Greek and other popular music all day long. In the centre, there is a square with an amusement park for children, and the majority of tourists consists of Serbian families with small children or Greek pensioners.The place also has a sports centre with a swimming pool, basketball, tennis and football courts, as well as cafes where tourists can get refreshing drinks. If you find yourself there on 5th and 6th of August, you will enjoy a local holiday celebration organized by the association of accommodation owners. You will have an opportunity to see traditional dances, drink retsina and taste local dishes. Somewhere between 23th and 25th July bicycle races for children aged 5 to 15 are organized. The only condition is that you like that discipline.

    Dionisiou Beach is long and sandy with palm trees stretching along it. It is not crammed with tourists, the only exception being weekend when beach-goers from Thessaloniki come here to relax. The fragrances of pine trees and sea salt will make your body and soul relax, and the waves are the only “noise” you will hear. If you are looking for serenity, cocktails and fresh fish on an endless sandy beach, then your destination is Dionisiou Beach.

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      Enastro Apartments

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      Enastro Apartments is a beautiful complex located on Dionisiou Beach, in the continental part of Chalkidiki and only 25 minutes…

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