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Ormos Panagais - Trani Ammouda

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    Ormos Panagais - Trani Ammouda

    Ormos Panagias is located on the eastern coast of Sithonia and 105 km away from Thessaloniki. It is considered an important harbor from which every morning gropus of tourists head towards Ouranopolis and the Holy Mountain. As soon as in the morning the town is packed with tourists who embark on daily excursions from here. Often, tourists can see dolphins on excursions. Numerous restaurants and accommodation are built around the old church along the dock, making Ormos Panagias more than a village. Fishing boats traditionally use this harbor so you can always find fresh fish, squids and octopuses. You can also find tasty seafood in local restaurants with a view of the bay and the harbor.

    Ormos Panagias beach: The beach is situated in Agios Nikolaos region on Sithonia, where a resort with all accompanying facilities was built, but no damage to the nature was done. It is known for its crystal clear water and tourists find it very attractive for their rest and relaxation. Visitors are usually recommended sea-diving and going to wild beaches and bays, as well as stroll down the mountain paths. Ormos Panagias has its own small beach near the harbor, and gorgeous beaches Trani Ammouda and Talgo are also close.

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