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Porto Carras

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    Porto Carras

    Porto Carras is one of the biggest and most popular hotel complexes in Greece. It is situated on Sithonia peninsula, 120 km from Thessaloniki. The complex consists of Meliton, Sithonia and Village Inn (bungalows) hotels. It has olive groves, basketball, football, tennis and golf courts, as well as a 47,5 acre big vineyard. The top quality wines are produced in the most modern wine-cellars of Porto Carras. It is famous for its harbor which is the only private one and one of the biggest in this part of Greece. The area belongs to the Carras family. Namely, Janis Carras, a Greek businessman and shipowner, started its construction in 1973, which was considered a milestone in the emergence and development of tourism on Chalkidiki and in entire Greece.

    Porto Carras beaches: You can reach any of the 17 beaches in Porto Carras complex in two ways: first is to pay 36 euros per person for entrance into the complex, by the marina and Kohi beach, and second is to take a road towards Likithos and Poseidon. Nine kilometer-long sandy beach, with 25 hidden bays and intact nature is each year awarded a blue flag. You can relax in a number of ways: by swimming, diving, water-skiing, surfing. Beaches are sandy with turquoise water and lush vegetation. If you have a boat, you can explore the area and surrounding beaches. There are also well-maintained paths and bicycle lanes. Anyway, Porto Carras offers a lot of attractions for unforgettable summer holiday!

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