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    Thessaloniki (Salonique, Salonica, Solun, Salonico, Selanik and of course… Θεσσαλονίκη!) is a vibrant, full of surprises destination. Located in the heart of Macedonia it is the second largest city in Greece. Being a unique mosaic of different cultures and civilizations, Thessaloniki will offer you a wonderful travel experience.

    Wonderful museums, cozy bars, impressive night clubs, and a shopping paradise in Tsimiski Avenue and Mediterranean Cosmos. This city is full of surprises for everyone! The more time you’ll spend walking around the city center, the more secrets will be revealed to you. You’ll get this unique feeling of finding a small treasure in every step! Dance like the locals in Valaoritou area. Find out why Ladadika is an all-time popular destination for everyone! The variety of the historic bistro’s, bars, restaurants and clubs will make you understand the reason Thessaloniki is such a beloved destination! A youthful city that hosts countless of music concerts, cultural events and various festivals all year round!

    In the city centre, the atmosphere is filled with a youthful energy, all day and all night. With every step you’ll discover hidden treasures: historic cafes, cosy bars, as well as, clubs with impressive designs in renovated industrial spaces and music venues in old warehouses, hosting live concerts. Nightlife is one of the city’s strengths. Follow the locals to their favourite haunts, and let them guide you through Thessaloniki’s secrets, sure to satisfy all styles and tastes.

    If you want beach, then areas are Perea, Nea Epivates, Agia Triada, Nea Mihaniona. This area is about 40 km long and has a sandy beach. It is especially good offer for those arriving by plane because the airport is only 10 km from Perea. Also, to the city of Thessaloniki you need only half an hour drive (25 km). Or boat trip to the city of Thessaloniki for € 2.5. Ports are in every town.

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      Astoria Hotel

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      At the business district, the stock exchange, the shopping center and of course the nightlife of Thessaloniki, ASTORIA is a…

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