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Tag: Lutra

How to get to Halkidiki without organized transportation?
24. 05. 2018.

You have decided to fly to Halkidiki but do not have organized transportation? Do not worry, we are here to show you in which ways you can get to one of the most beautiful parts of Greece and fully enjoy your vacation even when you are not going through the agency. Fortunately, Halkidiki is not […]

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How to prepare well for a summer vacation with small children?
19. 05. 2018.

The issue that becomes actual at the beginning of May and which is troubling many parents is how to find the easiest possible way of spending summer holiday if you have (small) children: at what time to take the route, which route to choose, where to fly, what to take with you and what to […]

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How to spend as little money on summer holiday?
18. 05. 2018.

This question may be in your mind for months before the holiday season. How to afford a holiday and not return home with an empty wallet? Be sure it’s possible to spend summer holiday with a smaller budget and enjoy every day. It first depends on the way and time of booking and budget planning. […]

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The most beautiful spot in Kassandra, which you probably didn’t hear of
13. 03. 2018.

  On the west coast of Kassandra, oposit to the most popular resorts of Hanioti, Pefkochori, Polihrono … there is a quiet and less known place Lutra. Here you will not find squashed cafes, souvenir shops, car columns with tables from our area. Everything is kind of calm, small and a bit different than in […]

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Sea list – find out what is the smartest way to pack for a holiday
05. 10. 2017.

We are all immensely looking forward to summer vacation and going to sea, but we are often worried thinking about whether we packed everything we will need for our holiday. In order to avoid unnecessary care, it is best to pre-make a list of things needed for sea, or anything that we think will be […]

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